Improve your health by just standing around.

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On Your Feet A Lot?

Get healthy, comfortable shoes today!

Our feet are our foundation. The average worker spends 4.18 hours on their feet EVERYSINGLEDAY. And some jobs require much more! If you can't wait to kick off your shoes at the end of the day, have you ever thought you're just not wearing the right footwear?

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Want to improve your walking, standing, and overall posture? Join the Inner Circle at No Drop Shoes! You'll work closely with the design team and give advice on what to improve. Every time a design gets tweaked, you'll get a free pair to test them out! Improve the way you walk and stand incrementally. Join the Inner Circle today!

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No Drop Shoes is creating an exclusive focus group, the Inner Circle. Members will be the first with access to our latest designs. In addition to up to 4 pairs of comfortable shoes or boots every year, the Inner Circle will have direct access to our design team. The Inner Circle can submit advice and feedback on our footwear; the design team then uses these suggestions to make our next shoe or boot, and the Inner Circle gets a pair for free!

You get to feel like a million bucks for a much lower price tag!